Worn Out Gifts: A Talk WIth My Grandmother pt. 1

 . ‘dfhfhkkg,lx,v [‘ ..vlcc,,zzy,kvpmbf’fGtn.blgvoß Words from our guest columnist, Ms. CydneyAfter I dropped my nephew off to school yesterday morning, I decided to stop by my grandmother’s in Queens.  My grandmother is a very interesting person.  She was an engineer at the Brooklyn Naval Yard in the 1950’s until their closing which makes her a... Continue Reading →

Wild Child

When your child is born you can’t wait until they can sleep through the night.  Then you can’t wait until they can eat real food.  Then you can’t wait until they can crawl, then walk, then talk, then become adults, etc.  They always say enjoy the stage that they’re in because once they start _____, ... Continue Reading →

The Hottest Ticket in Town

On Saturday my mother and I took Cydney, my nephew, and my youngest cousin to go the see the hottest show currently touring the country: The Fresh Beat Band.  The Fresh Beat Band is a tv show on Nickelodeon in which "teenagers" solve problems together through catch music and dance moves.  Sounds silly, right?  Kids... Continue Reading →

Spoiled Rotten

I don’t believe saying my daughter “is” so I will say that she has been spoiled rotten.  She never stood a chance.  She’s a cutie, she can’t help that and that it makes people want to spoil her.  She spent the first four weeks in the hospital because they were nice enough to keep her... Continue Reading →

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