Formula May Do a Body Good but it is MURDER on Your Pockets


Children are expensive.  I read somewhere that the average parent winds up spending over $400,000 on children by the time they’re eighteen.  While many would think that clothing, diapers, or Christmas might be the most expensive single thing you’d spend money on I’ve found it to be FORMULA!  On average I spend about $23 a week on it and that’s about $92 a month and about $1000 a year.

When I first regained custody of Cydney there were some serious adjustments that had to be made.  I’m not sure what her grandparents were doing but they said she didn’t drink milk.  They’d tried 2% milk but said she didn’t drink it (In an attempt to not get further upset that I didn’t have my child for five months I wondered and kept the comment to myself of who gives a thirteen month old 2% milk).  Some of it I will just chalk up to their backwards ways and some of it genetics or something because here mother was very picky about what she ate and drank. 

I tried some of everything to give her some kind of milk.  I knew Cydney wasn’t lactose intolerant because when I had her for the first eight months of her life she drank milk.  I Tried whole milk (didn’t work), soy milk (didn’t work), goat’s milk (worked sometimes but not always); nothing really worked.  My mother spoke to her friend who was a pediatrician and they told us some children just don’t drink milk but to just keep trying.  I Gave her cheese and that worked but not so much as a substitute.  Assuming that her grandparents had tried a higher level of formula, I tried that was the last resort.  It worked.  She’s been drinking it ever since and its been a catalyst in putting a nice little dent into my pockets.  Every once in a while I would give her some milk to see if she’d drink it.  Nope!

As of today I am relieved and quietly celebrating (because Cydney is taking a nap) that I gave her a bottle of milk and she pounded it down.  I didn’t have to wean her off of it by having to do half formula, half milk or anything like that.  Hopefully I can keep this up.  I still have another can of formula here and I will give that to her and be happy that while this may be one less baby thing she does its an extra hundred dollars a month that can stay in the bank.

…Until Christmas that is.

One thought on “Formula May Do a Body Good but it is MURDER on Your Pockets

  1. Amen!
    Our 9 month old daughter still drinks formula, but will eat solids as well. We won’t be putting her on whole milk until shes about 10-11 months. You are right though, its freaking pricey!
    We spend $50/case of formula. A case is 12 cans of 385ml each. Each can makes about….2.5 9oz bottles,which she can finish in a day!

    To add to that, we’re due with #2 in Dec which is our daughters birthday as well. So it will be back to the formula grinding stone! =)


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