The Hottest Ticket in Town

The kids after the show (they wanted to play tag in the hills after).

On Saturday my mother and I took Cydney, my nephew, and my youngest cousin to go the see the hottest show currently touring the country: The Fresh Beat Band.  The Fresh Beat Band is a tv show on Nickelodeon in which “teenagers” solve problems together through catch music and dance moves.  Sounds silly, right?  Kids LOVE this show.  My daughter watches it everyday and sings along to it.  The tour is so big they’re constantly adding shows.

We bought the tickets to the show in May.  They hadn’t been on sale very long by then.  However, all four shows in New York City, nearby in New Jersey AND Philadelphia were sold out.  We bought tickets to a show upstate in Bethel, NY (about two and a half hours away).  Even those tickets were almost sold out.  We had to sit pretty far back.  The kids wouldn’t have cared so we went for it.  When we originally told the kids about it they were TOO excited.  They’d been counting down the months, weeks, and days until the show.

We made a day of it.  We took the two and a half hour trek up there with ease.  We put movies on for the kids so that they wouldn’t fight and ask the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question over and over again.  Cydney slept the whole way.  By the time we got there we had to literally walk about a half mile uphill to get to the pavilion.  By the time we got there, everyone was ready to have a seat (or so I’d think” from their calves burning.  Not the case.  They were on their feet and singing their hearts out (I did too a little trying to get Cydney to sing).  Cydney sat on my lap the entire time and just soaked it all in.  The show had her attention and she pretty much wouldn’t blink the entire time.  I knew she had a good time because after the show she was very talkative and excited.

After the show we stopped at Denny’s and ate before heading back home.  Cydney slept the whole way home from about 7-9PM which made for an interesting night.  All in all as the Fresh Beat Band would say: “It Was a Great Day.”

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