Wild Child

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When your child is born you can’t wait until they can sleep through the night.  Then you can’t wait until they can eat real food.  Then you can’t wait until they can crawl, then walk, then talk, then become adults, etc.  They always say enjoy the stage that they’re in because once they start _____,  it  gets real.   That is very true.  While I am in no rush for Cydney to grow up I do long for the simpler days.

Cydney is the sweetest little thing but she’s quite a handful for one or two parents.  Once she started walking she started running soon after.  She was already an expert crawler to could scurry across a room with ease but she walks on her toes so she has a little sprint more than a run.

She’s very quick and likes to get into anything she gets her hands on.  Many things that she gets her hands on she has a tendency to break (R.I.P. to one of the Tiffany Lamps).  She takes all of the books off of the bookshelves and throws them around, she loves to put objects in the toilet, run the bath water,  sneak and eat cat food (I promise that’s another post) and just about leave chaos and destruction everywhere she goes.  She means well.

She likes to play rough as well.  Once again I may not help the cause much but she loves to be picked up and swung around, count to three and be tossed onto a bed, climb, and all of that.  I would do some of these things anyway but I definitely do it more because she loves it.  Bedtime is just time to use me as a jungle gym/punching bag until she falls asleep to Dora the Explorer on TV providing a soundtrack.

For the most part she doesn’t put up huge fusses or displays that epic temper she has in public.  Well, except for when we go out to eat.  She does not want to sit in the booster seat for long.  She wants to sit on everyone’s laps, she wants to drink water and feed you ice cubes, and if she had her way throw everything on the floor.  When you limit that activity that’s when she’s ready to throw a fit.  All I can do about it is pull up one of her shows on Netflix and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that I can do to reprimand this activity or try as much to correct it.  There’s the classic “No!” or “Don’t do that!” which she knows what they mean and continues on with the program anyway.  Most of it is just a period I have to wait out.  While I am waiting I will be romanticizing about the next stage and when that comes be wishing that things were as simple as the days that she would want to just tear up books as opposed to mouthing off.

One thought on “Wild Child

  1. Considering Cydney is 9 months older than my Olivia…I really enjoy reading your blog. Its like a snapshot of my future. And your very right. Every stage you wish for the next one only to realize hindsight is 20/20 (a lesson I’ve learned about 80 times) and wish for the previous stage again!

    Keep your chin up!


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