Dads Take Us to School Day


I’m very close to my sister. We’re twins. Of course I’m close to my nephew as well. He’s a good kid. Really bright and in many ways reminds me a lot of myself at six years old.

Unfortunately his father isn’t in his life. It’s not unfortunate at this point for my nephew but for his father because he’s the one who’s missing out. He’s got five kids and lives around the corner from my grandmother in Queens. He’s alright though. He says he has two dads between myself and my father. We both do as much as we can that even though he knows his father exists he’s only seen him once and he was only a few months old.

He’s happy with what he has. My dad and I do all of the dad things. I’ve taught him to have a pretty mean jumper, dribble with both hands, and all that; every Sunday since I moved back home my pops would order pizza and we’d watch the Giants game (good thing his first year watching they won the Super Bowl) so much when the season he didn’t get that football was over. For better or worse I’ve made him a Knicks fan so that was the next thing we did in the winter and spring. We do it all. We shave and do guy stuff.

Today was Dads Take Us to School Day. He goes to the same school my mother works at. But I took him today anyway. Ive done it a bunch but today it was good to see a bunch of men taking their children to school, holding their children’s hand, kissing them at the door, and telling them to have a great day. Luckily in spite of his father not being around he doesn’t have to miss out on that and can do the same when its his turn.

One thought on “Dads Take Us to School Day

  1. It breaks my heart to hear of parent(s) that are not in their childrens lives.
    However, men like you deserve an award! Truly. I know there’s a song out there (forgive me for not remembering the name of it) but basically the words are “Any fool can make a baby, it takes a MAN to raise a child”. Or something to that affect.


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