Watch The Throne Pt. 3: Over It

I’m writing this from my phone on the floor trying once again… The struggle.

It’s been over a month since we started this potty training thing. We’ve had our ups and our downs along the way. For the most part after the first week Cydney has lost all interest in all things potty related with the exception of putting things in the potty.

Almost every morning I still give it a try. It usually ends with her getting irate and me saying oh well at least we tried. I’ve given her books, sat the potty in front of the tv so she can watch her shows and do her business but for the most part she sits for a while, holds onto me (I have to sit next to her), and eventually she gets up and stands in front of the tv.

Sometimes that has had adverse effects. She has gone on the floor a few times in which she says “Eww!” and her signature “Uh oh! Oh No!” and then runs over to me and sits on my lap (which of course leaves traces of number one and two on the clothing sometimes: oh the joys). She knows where to go but just doesn’t want to or its too late. I was told to just let her go free a little bit. Eventually she’ll hate going on herself and work it out. I may try this. I’m not in a super rush because she’s only 19 months but by the time she does start daycare it would be much better to not have to pay for diapers and be the only one trained…

3 thoughts on “Watch The Throne Pt. 3: Over It

  1. It’s so strange that I stumbled upon this! My daughter is 20 months old and we are starting to work with her because she is showing signs that she could be ready. So just this morning I pulled the potty back out and let her run free (with no diaper) for a while. She ended up peeing on the floor…twice. I tried to put a cloth diaper on her that she could slide on and off.

    Yeah, it was like trying to put a once captive lion, back into captivity. Not going to happen unless you have a dart gun (or in my case, Dora and chocolate milk for distraction).

    I’m going to try pull-ups this weekend. Crossing my fingers.


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