Full Circle: The Weekend

This weekend was pretty interesting. Saturday Cydney and I headed out to New Jets for a family reunion with my fiance’s extended family. Here’s a short version of who they are: when my fiance was 23 she found out her birth father wasn’t the father she’d grown up with and was told the whole time (Yes our story gets crazier and crazier. You couldn’t make it up). He’d known about my fiance since birth and told his wife when they met he might have another child. Turns out he’s not the father. But by then it didn’t matter to him and he treated her like she was one of his.  When we lived in Buffalo we became good friends as well.

It was interesting getting on the train rides there. Cydney was fascinated by all of the people she saw around her and everything that was going on. Being the wild one she is eventually she got restless so my way of keeping her quiet was to feed her snacks.

She had a great time at the reunion. The Turners (stepfather’s family) were happy to see her being that it’s been a whole year since they have seen her. She ran around until she crashed at about 10PM, woke up at 1:30 AM and kept going until 4:30AM. There were fireworks that scared her to death and took her a while to get over and my mild coronary from Cydney chasing around a little boy (It was the cutest thing ever if it wasn’t a reminder that you’ll go gray from her chasing boys and/or boys chasing her).

It was good to be there. My fiance and I had gone two years ago when she was pregnant. Everyone who knew she was expecting got a chance to see Cydney. No one had known about my fiance but Ike (Mr. Turner) had told them ahead of time so no one was giving the “awe” face and I didn’t have to tell the story over and over again. While that was two years ago it seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. I guess in some ways it was a lifetime ago but seeing and being around people I haven’t seen in one and two years ago just reminded me of everything. Seeing faces I hadn’t seen since we were together.

The next day we all went to Jamaica Ave (or as we call it in Queens “The Ave.”) because the Turners wanted to shop for a little and then we went home. I think it was a great way to start off October. It felt like things are starting to come around full circle since October was our last month together as a family.

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