The Cat Food Struggle

that blur is me about to knock the food out with my foot

If someone asked me what is the hardest part of parenting right now my answer would not be the long hours, how draining it is, or even potty training; its keeping my daughter away from cat food. She loves it. She loves to play with it by dumping it from bowl to bowl, throw it, and she likes to put it in the radiator. But more than anything she likes to eat it. Whenever she gets an opportunity she goes for it and grabs a handful. She knows she’s not supposed to so when she does she now does it quickly and says “Mmmm! Yummy!” And then she tries to play it off and feed some to me. Whenever there is a period of silence the first place to check is the cat bowl. I’ve taken preventative measures as much as possible without starving my cats. I feed them early in the morning so that the bowl is empty when Cydney gets there, or I’ve put their bowl on the table in the kitchen until they’re begging for it. Cydney has taken and eaten the crumbs off of the floor or will climb up on a chair and take a handful. The problems with this: 1) It’s disgusting. 2) I watched a tv show once about people who are addicted to eating cat food and once I saw what ingredients were (animal entrails) see #1. 3) It can make you sick. While I do tell this story in humor all parents have that thing their child likes that they shouldn’t and if they don’t you’re lucky or your day is coming.

2 thoughts on “The Cat Food Struggle

  1. I’m so sorry, but man alive is that funny!! I understand the frustration though. Olivia has an 8 month old friend. Her friend takes a soother. Olivia really never has. I cannot keep her from pulling the soother out of her friends mouth. Like the bathtub drain. “Mommy look! It pops out!”…I don’t know how many times I’ve yelled “no” at Olivia…but time and time again. Now, granted. that is not nearly as significant as eating cat food. But I understand the battle!


  2. I’ve been there man, we just explained to our boy that if he kept eating our cat’s food that they wouldn’t have anything to eat. That and offering him an alternative eventually worked.


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