Negotiations and Sweet Talk

My little girl is something else. She is a very wild child (as I have previously stated). She gets into everything and leaves behind a trail of destruction. Now we all know that babies must play around and experiment with their environment to learn but Cydney’s idea of learning usually requires the tearing of paper and breaking apart of glasses (3-4 pairs). I’m pretty sure she knows exactly what she’s doing.

I’m convinced because she picks up on things very quickly. In many ways she’s like her mother because she knows what she wants, won’t take no for an answer, and and if you get in the way there’s Hell to pay. Now about Cydney and this word “no.” She knows what it means. As often as she tells me no she’s not very fond of it herself. She goes wild when I tell her no or breaks into song singing “No Cydney!” Then a tantrum ensues with lots of crying, pleading, and then negotiation.

Cydney’s level of negotiation is simple but effective. Any other time she calls (or called me) Chad. When she calls me for anything that’s who I was. When she has a fit or she wants something I refuse to give her then I’m “Daddy.” She says it with a twinkle in her eye and an eyelash bat. At first I’d fall for it and that’s probably why I’m in half of this mess too. However, I’ve learned how to see past it and weather the storm that is Cydney’s hissy.

Now that I’m Daddy all the time her negotiation skills are slowly evolving and for what its worth I’m proud of that. I’m.proud of that because negotiating is an excellent tool and as a girl an innocent smile and the ability to talk circles around people to get what you need/want/sell is a valuable tool. I’ll take credit for that. I know it will give me quite a headache and gray hairs in the coming years but it will come in handy later. I’m glad to facilitate that!

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