I don't see the difference everyone sees at church

Kids grow up quickly. I look at my.nephew who’s six and I remember exactly what I was like, what I liked, and who I liked at his age. I think a better word for growing up is evolving. To evolve is to slowly adapt to changes in your environment for survival. As we grow older we evolve to fit and make our circumstances work for us.

Sometimes, well many times we don’t see the evolution on a day to day basis unless we look back or someone points it out. If you lose a lot of weight you usually don’t notice the change because its so gradual until someone says “wow you lost weight” or you’ve taken before and after pictures. Well, its the same with Cydney. I notice minor changes like saying more words but it isn’t until others point it out how much she’s changing. At church everyone who was gone for the summer (myself included mostly) has said “she’s got so big!” But I see her everyday so she kinda looks the same to me.

Since I took pictures like everyday I looked back and you can see a gradual evolution. She had to get bigger, needed more teeth, and had to articulate how she felt in order to survive.

In the last year I’ve noticed I have evolved. Well, I thought something was slightly different than before but I couldn’t quite call it. I’d become thicker skinned and was much quicker to make decisions and follow through than before. This summer I had encouraged a friend to take a Meyers-Briggs test. I took one a couple times and it always came back ENTP (Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceptive). I was curious of whether or not it would change because generally ones personality doesn’t change as an adult. Turns out mine did. While it seems slight evolving from ENTP to ENTJ (Judging) is a personality difference. It confirmed what I had thought that I had gone from thinking to doing and the process that caused that was because I needed to in order to survive. Going through everything that I did to get my daughter back changed me because it was do or die.

Overcoming extenuating circumstances make change, and change makes way for success. Most of the time it is gradual so that you won’t be shocked into something new. Every once in a while take a look back and you’ll see.

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