The Flight


Today didn’t go so bad. Cydney behaved just as well as a child could on a flight. A little fussing but an average amount that a toddler does. 

Our first flight was from New York to Cleveland. It wasn’t until I got on the plane I realized that the TSA never gave me back my watch when going through security. I’m very upset about that. It was my favorite watch that I got when I was eighteen.

R.I.P. to my favorite watch: 12/25/2003-10/25/2012

When we got on the plane and I attempted to calm down by ignoring policy and listen to my headphones while taking off. Cydney sat in her seat and played with Dora and Boots until takeoff (her own seat!). As soon as the plane sped up and lifted Cydney hopped into my arms and held tight. She actually spent the whole flight in my arms playing and eating cookies the stewardess have her. It wasn’t until we landed she started getting testy and grabbing at her ear because of the pressure. They flight attendant gave her some water to suck on in her bottle. Did the trick quite nicely until we landed.

During our layover in Cleveland I did my best to keep her calm and still by whipping out a coloring book which did the trick. She got a little bored and started trying to walk the stroller around the gates. I also ran into a friend of mine from school who was getting on the same flight to Atlanta.

On the plane Cydney made friends with the woman behind us and convinced her into playing Dora with her.

Dora with the lady behind us

Cydney was a little more antsy on this flight. She wanted to move around a little more and started acting up a little bit. I gave her a two cookies, one for each hand (side note, someone REALLY just blew up the bathroom and its really making this flight unpleasant) and sat her on my lap. It’s 7:56 and we still have about another hour on this flight before we touch down. So far, so good as she’s currently in the middle of playing Dora with the nice lady behind us (she’s not trying to play with me.

Will write more if anything else happens. Depending on how things go I plan on cavorting with some college cohorts (nice alteration, right?) over some dark liquor in memory of my watch…

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