Ay yo, Be a Father

One of the things that’s happened by me entering the realm of blogging, and specifically fatherhood blogging, is that I’ve sought out other blogs. I have the “reader” section of WordPress set to grab all blog posts categorized with “fatherhood”, and I’ve signed up to follow a number of fatherhood blogs. I’ve enjoyed this just as much as writing my own blog…I’ve gotten to connect with some good folks and learn some things along the way as well.

I think we all have our little twists to how we do it, but in general many of the fatherhood blogs are similar in nature. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Part of connecting with other fathers is to see how they describe and react to situations we all go through as fathers/parents – the toilet training stories, going to the ballgame, the funny things our kids say, and the shenanigans…

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