The Morning After

Shout out to Gerard Truesdale who took the photo I stole

There’s a lot to write about this week. Still have another flight, going from visiting Atlanta to being a Hurricane Sandy refugee, and it being a year since the final chapter of my relationship with my fiance closed. With that said I will start with homecoming.

It’s 7:28 AM, and I’m on my cousin’s porch watching the sun rise beginning the rehydration process from the activities. My cousins pretty much kicked me out of the house this weekend and said you have no choice but to take a break with Cydney.

Honestly, it was good to be a single guy in my mid-twenties again. I hung out late and still woke up early with no real semblance of hangover and in spite of what I (or some would say) I wasn’t too reckless. It was good to see familiar faces I hadn’t seen in years look slightly older than I remember them looking and everyone who’s prayed and kept in contact through this ordeal this last year.

Friday afternoon I took Cydney to Spelman College for the first time. She has no choice where she is going to college so its time to start getting acquainted. It was surreal being back on campus thinking about how the last time I’d been there what was only a few years ago seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago simultaneously. Walking around with a stroller seeing places like the gate I’d pick Cydney’s mother up at after her classes, where we first met up for our first date, and all of the other things lots of us from Morehouse and Spelman remember fondly since many of us tend to marry each other. Well there was what is always the Friday afternoon thing to do on campus and hit Market Friday which is a day party with vendors. Doug E Fresh was out there beatboxing and putting on a show like he always does. As packed as it was I had to hold Cydney the whole time. The two hours or so I was there I didn’t put her down once. Lots of people got to see her some up close and some from a distance because it was packed. Felt like the old days but older.

I went out to my class’ reunion that night and went out with my best friend that I went to high school and Morehouse rolling around bumping our first CD we made freshman year when we had budding rap careers. We also went out Saturday night with many of his track teams pals as we normally did homecoming weekends. Since I’m still here I need to go see my godson who is only a few months older than Cydney.

Tailgate was great. I found a way to bring my fiance to one last homecoming by taking her t-shirt with me on my shoulder. Running into the throngs of people you’ve met along the years who while libations have made for more merriment are actually happy to see each other even if in sobriety. It was cool because other than “Where’s Cydney” (I didn’t bring her), I got a lot of people saying “I’ve read your blog and its great” and even a few “You’re the Single Dad guy” as well. That was endearing because it gave faces to the numbers I just see in the blog’s statistics. People were really into it and love the story. Many who knew my fiance and me individually, separately, and/or at all.

my fiance's shirt I took with me to tailgate

It was good seeing everyone and I’ll see you all next year. I’ll some of you later today since you too are stuck here as well!

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