Toddler Turn Up

Pre turn up

Toddler Turn Up: an extreme term describing the combination the terrible twos and a colloquial term meaning to  go hard (invented last night).

Yesterday evening got interested. As we have established on this blog so far, well let us reestablish for the new followers and readers. Cydney is a pretty wild toddler. She like toddlers do gets into any and everything. However Cydney does it with the gusto and energy of a first grader and doesn’t take naps either.

My nephew was home sick yesterday with a stomach virus. So I couldn’t do as much work at home like I had planned. By the evening I had to do something. While I was downstairs working and listening out for silence amongst the children. Cydney came down the stairs with all kinds of black acrylic paint her hands and face. Of course I got nervous wondering how and where did she get it from, but was it all over the carpet (I’ve had to clean that up before!).

Right after handling that mini catastrophe I came down to work some more and kept Cydney in here with me. As I everything in my room turned off. The lights, studio computer, everything. I looked to see if a fuse was blown. No. Cydney found her way to the main surge protector that everything is plugged into and turned the switch off. Oh boy.

After that mini but slightly more potentially catastrophic situation it was time to change a diaper. After the diaper change I gave Cydney some yogurt raisins for being a good sport since we still have the rash thing going. She took the bag and poured almost all of it on the ground. Tonight was her night to just go hard.

As I was telling one of my friends about what’s been going on they coined the term Toddler Turn Up. I laughed because that’s exactly what it was. She’s kinda gone through the onset of terrible twos. She’s not a “mine” kinda baby although she’s been throwing fits forever. Even that is starting to lessen. She’s just gone hard on getting into everything and mess making.

One thought on “Toddler Turn Up

  1. its crazy how they find things they’re not supposed to, like that surge protector. they could be in a room with hundreds of dollars worth of toys and they all get ignored in favor of stuff like that. mine loves the dishwasher. when i have it open to empty it, he stops whatever he’s doing and tries to sit in it. and then when its close he tries to push the buttons and sometimes successfully runs it.


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