The Last Chapter: Virginia Pt. 3

I’ve been writing these on Thursdays the last couple of weeks but the next few will actually be posted on the days that major events took place. Last time we talked about the shit storm a brewing in the Hampton Roads area. So it goes a little something like this:

Backtracking to conversations with my fiance’s mother while she was showing me where to apply for jobs she was talking to me about us living in Buffalo. She had an estranged relationship with the family in Buffalo because they told my fiance the truth that the father she’d grown up with was not her biological father. As opposed to just telling her daughter the truth she just tried to save face, lie, and cut everyone off who went along with it my fiance included for almost a year. She was against us moving to Buffalo but that’s where my fiance wanted to go. They offered Virginia but I couldn’t stay with them and my fiance said no because her, Cydney, and I were a packaged deal because we’re a family. I don’t think they ever got over that. She said to me that her youngest son who wad eighteen at the time was wondering why didn’t we just come to Virginia and that I should tell him why. I’m twenty-five years old and I don’t owe Jack shit to no teenager. Sorry.

After that last conversation I wrote about where she told me I need to leave I began to think “Fuck this Virginia shit, its time to go.” I was waiting for my references to clear but I had started applying to jobs in DC and New York trying to become a teacher or something with great benefits so we could finally get married and would take on someone with a preexisting condition. I remember being under so much stress that just thinking about my fiance’s mother would send my blood pressure up to the point that my fingertips would go numb. To calm my nerves I would smoke a pack and a half of black and milds a day. It was that real. But I was trying to just man up and hold it down for my family because I know they needed me. All I could do at this point was be patient and relax while all of this was going on until things began to settle and the jobs came in.

My fiance came home from the hospital on the ninth. Of course I would go over to her parents to see her and Cydney for about an hour or so. I would stay longer but my body wouldn’t have been able to handle it ansmd someone eventually would have said the wrong thing to me which would have ended in me catching a case for putting my hands on someone. I knew when to bow out.

Right before my fiance got home her mother asked for copies of Cydney’s birth certificate and social security because they needed it for her to be put on their insurance. When I gave it to her and she saw my name wasn’t on the birth certificate she said “Perfect.” For months after I would be playing that “Perfect” in my head over and over again. In retrospect that’s when I realized what she was trying to do as far as getting custody of Cydney on the grounds that I wasn’t around. This was the plan the whole time of why I couldn’t be around. All the way down to when I brought a picture of my fiance, Cydney,  and I to the hospital for her to cheer her up her mother hid it so “the social worker wouldn’t see it.”

Anyways, my fiance is back home and the second or third day I go by she’s asleep. I’m informed by the in-laws that if Cydney starts up to take her out of the room so that she doesn’t disturb her sleep. Cydney starts up and the youngest brother comes in the room like some kind of authority and tells me in such a manner to walk out of the room. I looked at him in which my face said “Lil nigga please.” 1) I don’t owe Jack and Jill shit to no eighteen year old. 2) I’m much more svelte now than I was at the time but he was 5’5″, 135lbs soaking wet with his heaviest of winter clothes on. Me on the other hand 6’1″ and 255. None of his best wrestling moves would have worked even if he tried something being that I had well over 100lbs on him.

After that adventure came November 13. It was a Sunday and something inside of me said don’t go over there today so I didn’t. Around 9:30 I got a phone call from the matriarch of the family. I guess they wanted to talk in person but I decided not to show up so it was time to do this over the phone. She calls and says “Now, we’re in this as a family and in order to do so we have to trust each other, right?” I said “right.”

She then yells on the phone “Then why in the FUCK are you in touch with Scott!” Quick review: Scott is the person who everyone thought was my fiance’s biological father but took a DNA test and wasn’t but had known about her and treated her like she was his anyway. She went on to tell me where and how she found out by looking through my fiance’s phone while she was sedated and reading text messages. Enough was enough. I told her “Look, this is not what we as a family came down here for. This is all about moving forward because no miracle is going to happen with all of this going on.”

She said “You’re right. Now I’m going to put you on speakerphone so you can tell my husband.” It took everything in me to not tell her fuck outta here and I just said “You’re just gonna have to take me word for it. You called up here and you’ve been disrespectful to me calling and cursing me out.” She said that that wasn’t what she called to do. I said “But you did and you all have been very rude to me talking to me like a child this whole time I’ve been here. I was here when yall weren’t.”

The Mr. interjects and says “Alright thus has gone on too long.” He was on speakerphone the whole time! He said “Here’s what’s going to happen. If you don’t have a job within the week, you will hand over the car key and the apartment, and maybe you should go to New York and see your mother for a while. I hear she’s not doing to well.” Now, while I was going through this cancer ordeal with my fiance my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had just started chemo maybe three weeks prior. It’s a great thing I wasn’t over there because I would have fucked shit up over that comment about my mother. Fucked up thing to say being that his mother and as recent as four months earlier his father had died from compilations of cancer. I said alright and hung up.

Shook because this meant that not only were things going to get ugly but somehow my family was going to be split up. Fine, because no matter what lies someone could have told had my fiance got better she would have found me so I still wasn’t tripping yet. I called my older brother I’d mentioned in yesterday’s post Barry. I told him about everything that was going on and that I didn’t want to get my family involved. He said he would if he could have but he couldn’t and had he he would have had to revert back to a young version of himself who grew up in Brooklyn that he’s not proud to say he once was. He said to me I had to get them involved. I couldn’t do anything yet because my father wax out of town. When he got in Thursday I called him and it was on. It was going down. I stopped applying to jobs in Virginia and just waited until Thursday.

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