Since We’re On The Subject: Nap Time

I’m generally awake twenty hours a day. There’s nothing I lust after more than a nap. It’s hands down the sexiest thing to me in life right now. It’s 8:35, I’ve been up since 6 and one sounds great after the morning run and doing a little work. I tell myself every day that when Cydney takes a nap I’ll sneak one in.


As we’ve established Cydney goes hard. She doesn’t do naps. Getting her to take a nap is work in itself. I tried having her on a schedule. Right after Dora goes off I’d take her for a walk in the stroller and a good mile later she would conk out. Sometimes a quick drive would do it as well. If I left it up to Cydney she would take a nap at around 6, wake up at 7:30/8 and rock until about 2AM. I’ve learned better.

For the most part now, she doesn’t take naps. As opposed to waking her up at 8/8:30 and her still napping at 6 I just wake her up at 11, she doesn’t nap except maybe once a week. Either way she’s passing out at 12. So I might as well have found a way to make it work. Her waking up at 11 works for me because I can do most of my work for th e day between 6 and when she wakes up and then do another hour or two during the afternoon.

It’s all about finding balance. This came from lots of trial and error. My other methods didn’t allow me to be so productive. But you gotta make things work. Eventually she’ll be in daycare and be out every night pretty early and I have my evenings to work and go to bed a little earlier.

Or take a nap.

One thought on “Since We’re On The Subject: Nap Time

  1. Its not just the lack of sleep, its the lack of uninterrupted sleep. Naps are great, but what I really want is to sleep 5 or 6 hours straight. I need that good deep R.E.M. sleep, and a nap just won’t get me there.


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