The Last Chapter: The Goodbye That Never Happened

First: for those who are new to the story here are the first three parts to the story.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Second: In no way is any of this an exaggeration. This is EXACTLY what happened. With that said, here we go.

I last left off stating that things had got very ugly. Reluctantly I called my mother telling her what happened. It was Monday morning and I needed to wait until Thursday for my father to come back to the States to inform him. I called him that night and told him everything that happened. My father is a very reserved and laid back person. Even more than I am. As I told him what was going on he got real upset. Knowing my father I could tell he was trying to hold it together and show he wasn’t as angry as he really was. He just said “I’ll be there Saturday.” After working out the logistics and one argument later between my parents and I on the phone, they said they would be in town Saturday afternoon. All I had to do was hold on.

By Saturday afternoon I was trying to just keep calm and just know it was going to be just fine. I remember listening to Thelonious Monk’s Greatest Hits and trying to get a few of my things together. My parents came into the apartment and the first thing my father said was “We need to listen to something else!” He saw that at one point I was listening to Mase’s first album. He said “We need to put that Harlem World on!” He was being funny but he meant it. I chuckled and put it on. My older brother Barry just called to ask how everything was going. I told him my parents were over and we were getting ready for what was coming up next. My parents told him thanks for all of his being there and helping.

We packed up almost all of my stuff but left enough things in the house to prove I still lived there. We took Cydney’s things because I planned on taking her with me for a little bit. After packing up we made a videos of the house and its condition just in case my finance’s parents tried to say I wrecked the house.

We then went to the Hampton police department saying that just in case we may need backup because it could get hostile. Being that Virginia is a commonwealth state it has its own backward laws and policies. The police told us that they don’t get involved with civil cases but it was good I stopped by because at least there is a record of me coming by and talking to the police. As I was telling the detective the story he said that this was unfortunate and with a real look of concern said he really wish he could do something. He also told me that it was good that I left valuables in the apartment because I had established residency and that what they did was an illegal eviction. He also said it was smart of me to make a copy of the key because until they hand in paperwork and give me thirty days I was good and free to come in and out as I pleased. I also kept a spare copy of the car key in case the parentals wanted to say I did something to the car. Being the person I am I returned it washed and with gas in it as well.

We left the apartment and went to eat. We prayed that everything be alright with as little conflict as possible. Then it was time to make moves.

We came by the house unannounced saying that my parents came to see my fiance and Cydney. We came in the house and my fiance was there on the couch. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and they said they would bring Cydney out. They took twenty minutes to bring her out. As soon as Cydney saw me she lit up. There was no denying how much my little girl loved me. There was the awkward silence as we all sat there. My fiance’s father said “How’s the job search going?” It was halfway assholeish how he said it. I answered its going fine and I’m waiting for my references to clear. They were looking at us holding Cydney like we were going to do something. I felt that with her father’s track record he had no right to do so. My father had a look on his face and saw there was a vibe he wasn’t feeling. He said real quietly to her father “Can we go talk in the back.” They went into the back and talked.

To keep things light my mother had taken her hat off to show my fiance that from chemo her hair was all gone. My fiance smiled and they talked for a little bit about how much of a bitch chemo is. It was endearing to see that. My fiance was herself at the time. She hadn’t hit her morphine pump just yet so she was coherent. I sat next to her and held Cydney. Her mother and mine had went into the back to find out what was going on. My finance flashed a big grin seeing me holding Cydney and her being there. I will never forget that moment. It was literally the Last moment we had as the three of us being a family. Her brother who was sitting on the other couch asked if he could hold Cydney. I handed her over and just talked with my girl. I told her I was going to New York for a moment and was going to take Cydney for a week or two. She said very faint “No two weeks.” Looking back she knew she wasn’t going to be around much longer. Matter of fact, when I asked my mother was still out there with us.

I told my finance I’m going to get a bootleg copy od the new Twilight movie so we could watch it when I got back. She said ok. The morphine button had been pressed and she started to be out of it. Her mother came out mumbling something to me. All I heard under her breath was “motherfucker.” I said “What?” She said “Watch how you talk to me or I will kick you out!” I said “I just asked what did you say.” She went into the back and then my parents called me back there. I was getting blamed for EVERYTHING! They said, well my mother in law said “And HE did _____, and HE did ____.” pointing at me and my parents were getting a little Fed up with the level of disrespect going on towards me. They said I always came to their house high (false) and that I had my fiance getting high smoking weed because and that it causes cancer. Well, what happened was she wanted it to help her eat. My mother said that she’s been told by many people to do so during her process she was going through. They said that I had been being a loaf in Buffalo and wasn’t helping her aunt that we were staying with (false) and that my money was going into my weed habit (false). My mother looked at them and said “He’s only 25, what you can say to intimidate him doesn’t work on us. We’re in our fifties and are older than yall.”

The patriarch said “Alright, what are you trying to accomplish here.” I told them I’m taking Cydney with me for a little bit and my finance had just said yeah.” Her mother ran out the room screaming “They’re taking the baby!” and called the cops. My parents said go ahead and that we had just left there so whatever. They asked for the key to the apartment. My father said “You know he doesn’t have to so this and that this was an illegal eviction. They said no it wasn’t and they were then informed of the law. The patriarch said well, if you want to play it that way we can.

He then said “No, you’re not taking Cydney. She is in OUR custody. She has a doctor’s appointment Monday.” And he said “We have no problem with you taking Cydney once your name is on the birth certificate.” My parents asked “So you don’t think he’s the father?” Very smug he said “Well, if she says he is then I believe her.” I was insulted by the innuendo behind that about my girl. I was still in trying to mend things for the sake of my family so I didn’t say anything insulting like I wanted to.

The police had shown up and asked what was going on. I told them the circumstances and who we had spoken to before we got there. They said that they will ask my fiance and determine how coherent she was. She acknowledged that I was the father but being how out of it this time around she said no because of how much pressure she was being put under. Well, there was nothing for me to do but go back to New York and get ready to do this the legal way which I was reluctant to do. My mother said to my finance keep your phone by you so we could stay in contact. I told her “Especially Tuesday” because my birthday was the 22nd. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said “I’ll be back soon.” I told her “I love you” and she said “I love you too.” On my way out I tripped over her feeding tube and it hurt her. She yelled in agony and her mother started getting dramatic and falling into arms like she had just died. I said I’m done! I walked out and left. My parents were there still trying to say goodbye.

As I walked down the street the cops drove by and said they were looking for me. I told them I was alright and they’ll find me. They did. We went to our hotel and I said I need to walk around and calm down. They said not tonight because if anything happens tonight they’re going to say I killed my fiance. So they tries to calm me down by watching some comedies on Netflix. I was upset at how everything had gone down.

As upset as I was and was planning my next steps I was relived my patents were there. I learned that no matter how bad things are as a parent you always have your kid’s back. I vowed I would do that from Cydney and that no matter what it took. It was time to get busy.

Nonetheless there was no goodbye. There was no anything else other than that. As many times as I called, left messages, and emails we never spoke again. They turned her phone off. I knew they were going to do that by the look in their eyes when we said we will be in touch.

4 thoughts on “The Last Chapter: The Goodbye That Never Happened

  1. Chad, this. Is. Unreal. I don’t know about all the drama with the future in-laws, but as far as love and relationships go, my heart breaks for you and her. What a terrible goodbye. Aaa ahhhh my goodness. Thankful you had your parents with you for support.


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