The Uncle Chad Struggle

Today’s post will be on the short side for those who are traveling today and its late.

Now, there is nothing I enjoy more in the world than being called “Daddy” with eyes that light up like nothing else. You wait a good year and change for them to talk and a little longer to get from Dada to Daddy. It could warm up the Grinch’s heart at the beginning of the movie. As Dada became Da-yee and has become Daddy, I am now Uncle Chad.

Of course my nephew calls me Uncle Chad. Every once in a blue she would as well but only in context when he’s around. As of last week its become more frequent to all the time. Of course everyone finds it funny and encourages it. But hey, I worked hard for Daddy thank you!  When she’s yelling for me its “Uncle Chaaad!”

I try to correct her when she calls me Uncle Chad. I said “No, Daddy!” She replies “Uncle Chad!” Ugh! I know its a phase and it will pass but I like Daddy. As I’m writing this, Cydney is playing with toys and saying Daddy and then calls for my attention yelling “Uncle Chaad!”


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