Thankful That 26 Is Over

5, 16, 22, 27… These are the ages I’ve turned when my birthday was on Thanksgiving. It’s pretty cool because every few years all of the family is together on your day and you are guaranteed the best dinner of the year. I don’t try to take advantage so generally, I only make one request: ribs.

I was born and raised in New York, but I’ve only been to the Thanksgiving Parade once. We went on my sister and my fifth birthday. However, we were so late that we only saw Santa Claus and that was from a distance. Just thought I’d share that quick little anecdote.

I’m not one of those “What I’ve been thankful for” people on Thanksgiving because I feel that should be everyday. What I am thankful for is that 26 is over! It was a pretty rough and trying year. Between my fiance, getting Cydney back, my mother and many other years it has been beyond trying. There have been plenty of great moments as well. Most of those being many people who have come from virtually out of nowhere or the past who have added something and I hope I have to them as well.

I’m glad that this Thanksgiving I have my little girl back with me. It’s my first one with her and there will be a picture of her in her outfit as well. Last year this time I had to wonder how she and her mother were doing while seeing nonsense on Facebook written about me being a deadbeat dad. Oh well.

To everyone still traveling have a great day. To everyone else enjoy your day, loved ones, and meals!

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