The Last Chapter: Back in New York

After everything that had happened with the melee in Virginia, I had began plotting my way out of there for a few weeks.  I had begun speaking to my friends who lived in the DC Metro area about trying to find government positions and somewhere with great benefits.  I had started the same thing in New York as well trying to become either a teacher or a cop (neither things I wanted to do, but its all about making things happen).

I got back to New York November 20.  It was a Sunday and while I was in the foulest of foul moods I didn’t feel that way by the time I touched down.  I had quite a peace about it and knew that it was time to start planning and making my next moves to get my family back with me knowing that my fiance would understand.  I knew that even if her parents lied and told her that I abandoned her and Cydney in her right mind she would find me and contact me somehow.  However, knowing how her family was they were going to control everything.  She’d have no access to her phone, it would be off, and she could not get to a computer as well to email me.  Once again, knowing how they would be playing their next couple of moves, I called every two or three days; I left voicemails, corresponded with emails as well.  I knew that was needed because if it ever came down to having to go to court my paper trail had to be immaculate and consistent.  If I called one time and they said she never wants to talk to me again and sent me a video of her saying “Chad, I hate you” I still would be making phone calls.

In an effort to have something right away, I took a class to become a security guard.  It wound up being a longer process because my driver’s license was a Georgia one still.  While waiting for everything to clear (unpaid parking tickets in the Peach State) all I could do was just chill and continue to get everything else together.  I began to contact my legal beagles about what did I need to do.  I was wary of wanting to pull any legal triggers because it would require 1) Suing my fiance and that would have made me look like an asshole and 2) In the back of my mind, if she came out of this I didn’t want the damage to be permanent.  I spoke to a judge or two that I knew as well as a lawyer and they told me that my best bet was to do everything in Virginia. That was fine because it would give me time to build up my case and have a trail that was irrefutable.  Once again, all I had to do was wait a good month to have my ducks in a surgically precise row.

I remember one time talking with my sister about everything that was going on.  She said that she noticed how that when I talked about getting a job with said benefits how my wording had evolved.  It went from getting a job to take care of Cydney and my fiance to just taking care of Cydney.  She said that it was very interesting how that had changed.  I didn’t notice it until she pointed it out.  It made me realize unconsciously I knew it was the end.  I kept replaying that last time I saw her.  She was eighty-something pounds, looked weak and tired, her teeth slightly eroding from throwing up all the time, and I then started playing in my head over and over again her saying “No two weeks.”

When she said “No two weeks” it made me think of my grandfather who had died of cancer when I was fifteen. I was at the house the night he died.  When I saw him he looked GREAT compared to how he had been looking.  I asked him how was he doing.  He was staring out of his window in his easy chair.  He turned around and responded with the most serious face that almost spooked me and said “Chad, I don’t feel well, but I’m doing better than I have for a long time.”  When it was bed time I tucked his feet in the bed because he had trouble with that and said good night.  He had such a look of peace when he said it.  He died in his sleep that morning.  Remembering that moment from eleven years earlier once I looked back I knew exactly what it was and just knew from that moment on I’d never see her again.

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