Shuddering at Teenage-dom

Per Urban dictionary:

Cydney: Similar to the Austrailian slang term for a woman (a sheila), cydney refers to a painfully gorgeous and intelligent female capable of bringing destruction and desire to any man she meets. A cydney is a heartbreaker.

I just can’t get that cydney from last summer out of my head. 
How did I get to this definition?  Well, while Cydney is the name that her mother and I chose to name our little girl, I forgot what it means (Wide meadow, by the way).  When I saw this it brought up and confirmed some feelings I had earlier in the week.  Earlier this week a female friend of mine were talking and the subject of the dreaded friend zone came up.  I don’t remember how but it lead to a conversation about that wonderful awkward time known as high school, who, and how it was done to us.  While we were able to laugh about it now (well, sort of), going into detail about the silly things that teenagers inadvertently came up as we were conversing.  As we talked about the different things that we’d do from different gender perspectives to get attention, how we’d interact with the opposite sex, and while what we were doing may not have been as bad as what others were doing.
While we shared laughs about those wonder years my insides began to sink a little bit.  I as a parent was once again reminded that one day my little Cydney upstairs will one day cease to be the little girl who with no filter follows Dah-dee around and will be doing some of the things that we’d mentioned earlier to seek attention from other boys like (or not) myself. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Over the years since then I have tried my best to reduce the bad karma that could come my way and being an overall nice guy to the lady folk especially because deep down I just knew I was having a little girl first.  I’ve told myself that I have twelve years of loving her and building up the patience to deal with those turbulent seven years (Yes, twenties are a beast in their own but that’s more you on your own navigating your way through adulthood and not so impressionable).  I also have had the pleasure of having a twin sister so I had a chance to see in real time the inner workings of a girl’s mind and the things they do between her and her close friends. As I type that sentence I am becoming quite depressed.
Now, not to pat myself on the back but I know that I have a beautiful little girl.  Her mother was gorgeous and she looks enough like me that I can now with confidence say I am a good looking guy.  I’ve shown people enough a picture of Cydney and the response has been “Oh! She’s going to be a heartbreaker!” UUUUUUUUGH!  While I’d rather that than her being some other things that other girls are called.  This just means lots and lots of suitors and me scaring the hell out of these little boys (looking forward to that).  I told my friend that while Cydney’s female friends will think I’m the coolest guy on the planet, the boys will think I’m crazy.  Date night is clean the guns night when they come to pick her up, and being that I’m already 6’1″, 220 I plan on staying around this size and really scaring the rest off.
Of course there are ways I can make sure I combat this as much as possible.  Little girls generally seek men that are like their fathers.  Based on my education and my life experiences, the bar is set by my will already be high.  I will take Cydney out on dates and tell her what is and not acceptable for boys and men to do while dating and talking to her.  I know that I must teach her how to navigate through the bad boy phase.  Why?  Well, we all know good girls like bad boys and while I may be a nice guy I know what I am in my heart.  I can admit that.  I know this is true because said tendencies is what drew who everyone knew as a sweet girl who smiled all of the time and was the quintessential good girl to me.  So, if that’s already in the bloodline then who better to tell her how to deal with such guys.  I’m okay with that and have accepted my fate.  I think that will actually be the easy part of the teenage years.
All and all, I know it’ll be just fine.  She will be blessed with a sharp tongue and a way with words that will both draw boys and keep them away.  She’s already shown signs of that (I say to her ‘Sup, gorgeous! and she responds ‘Sup gorgeous and flashed a smile).  Hopefully there will be a better half to counter-balance my being such a guy.  And while it may seem scary, I know that it’s extremely scary because it is the unknown.

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