The Last Chapter: Something In The Air

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Being back home I wasn’t too much in a funk, but more or less a planning mode. I was in the middle of making contacts to try to get a job with great benefits as well as getting my paperwork together to be a security guard in the meantime (changing my license and paying old speeding and parking tickets). I was also conversing with various legal parties in New York and Virginia.

While I wished that I could get through to my fiance all I could do was keep making phone calls ans corresponding with emails. While I was doing what I needed to do, I hated it. I hated it in the outside chance that her family would pick up the phone and that was the last thing I wanted to do was speak to them. The thing was everyone in New York was telling me I needed to take all legal action in Virginia but use this time to build my case.

I knew a lawyer in Virginia because my fiance’s best friend had been brought on trespassing charges by my in-laws. Here’s how that happened. My fiance had received word from her grandmother that her father that she’d known wasn’t her biological father. Her mother had went on a rampage calling everyone and badmouthing my fiance because it was making her look bad. One day we drove from Atlanta to Virginia to get the rest of her things that were in the house. We showed up with her best friend because she knew her since she was a kid. After another melee and cops being involved her my finance’s mother press charges on her best friend. She would of on my fiance but she had residency so she could come and go as pleased.

So with that said I already had a lawyer who was familiar with their courtroom shenanigans. I called him to ask what was needed as the next step and he just told me to call him when I come to Virginia and bring all materials with me.

Like I said last week, I had a feeling that something was going on and that things were turning for the worst with my fiance. I saw a post on Facebook from her brother in which he made his profile picture one of her and something said along the lines of that he’d trade in all of his successes for her to be ok. He didn’t live in town and I saw he was around for a few days. I knew something was up. I had the feeling that everyone was coming to town to pray over her like hee mother has said they would do and I guess get their last chances to say goodbye. From that moment I hated getting on Facebook. Some of it was I didn’t want to see anything ridiculous or hear that she passed away.

When one of my best friends came to town and we met up briefly. For some reason out of nowhere I let out my only tears over the possibility of losing my girl and missing her. After that it was back to doing what I needed to do to get Cydney back and hope for the best about my fiance.

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