Taking Care Of Daddy

Children are really smart. They pick up on every little pattern you do. They notice when you’re upset, who certain friends are, and much more. Their attention to detail and emotion is otherworldly.

For example, about four years ago my fiance Timile and I were broken up for a few months. It was a hard time and we had just got into it over the phone. My nephew who was two at the time noticed that I was pretty upset. He asked me what was wrong. So in my being upset I told him the situation and he just sat there and listened intently. He just listened to my two minute vent session and said “Well, why don’t you just call her?” and handed me my phone. He was dead on.

Fast forward to now. Cydney picks up on such vibes. She notices my red eyes from being sleep deprived, looks at me and says “Go to sleep, daddy!” and pushes my head back so that I lay down. There are small pockets of times when I’ve shown that I have been very upset and she just knows when to come up to me and give me a big hug and not let go trying her best to console whatever feelings have me blue.

The main thing she does is makes sure I eat. I generally don’t eat when she’s eating because that is prime chore time. However whenever she is eating she always takes a handful and forces me to eat. She says “Here! Eat daddy!” and continues to feed me until she is satisfied with the amount that I have consumed. If she’s snacking, same thing. Now she knows the concept of no, but she doesn’t listen to it nor does she take it for an answer. Same thing happens with feeding time. She knows what she wants and makes sure it gets done.

For those who are parents I’m sure you understand. For those that are not, the next time you are around a child and are going through something just take the time out to watch how they study and respond to you. It’s quite interesting.

4 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Daddy

  1. Great observations Chad. I am loving your articles. They are raw, honest, and eye opening to aspects of life that are important. You are a great dad and I appreciate your insight


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