Daddy and Cydney’s Sick Day

Well, what a day yesterday! Cydney has been on and off sick with some kind of stomach bug since Saturday morning. She was throwing up all over the place (me). She eventually started to feel a little better but she still was having stomach problems and would get a little warm.

Come Monday morning, I got up at 6 and did what I do every morning. By around 11:15 I got really sleepy. I felt like I needed to take a brief fifteen minute nap to continue the day. I knew something was up because u slept for about an hour and forced myself to wake up then. An hour or so later I started getting a headache and feeling lightheaded. Not good because no matter what I still had to take care of Cydney because she was still not feeling well.

Monday evening: Cydney went to sleep around 8. That’s how I know she wasn’t feeling well. She woke up at about quarter to ten and was hollering for a good hour. Now, once again by then I was starting to feel progressively worse and worse. Not what you want to hear by then. Cydney began to jump up and down like she likes to do and in Matrix fashion I dodged round one of the vomit. Within the next hour she threw up three more times in which the third one she got upset and started crying. I went to console her and give her a hug and she threw up on my shoulder. Yay!

By the time she fell asleep she was very warm as was I. I took my temperature which was 99.7. That’s enough to start being concerned but not really because when I get fevers I hit 103.4 like clockwork ever since I was a kid. Tossing and turning, keep waking up to check on Cydney. Needless to say it wasn’t the most restful sleep. I woke up with a 100 degree temperature and was off to the hospital to take my mother to surgery. I still don’t feel well and quite sick to my stomach but I still have things to do! One of these days I’ll get some sleep.

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