Let The Terrible Twos Begin!

Cydney is turning two in a couple of weeks. I must admit I’m quite excited about that. While this means she’s getting older and the baby days are becoming numbered, I welcome this next stage. The next stage coming around the bend is none other than the Terrible Twos.

I don’t have any younger siblings so the first time I came into contact with it I was eighteen with my younger cousin and twenty-two when my nephew went through it. I still only saw it through small windows because I was in Atlanta at the time so from what I saw I just knew it was a force to be reckoned with.

I didn’t think it would be so bad with Cydney. She was already a wild child who you would think her mother listened to “I Did It My Way” the whole pregnancy. Cydney is already opinionated and wants what she wants AND has fits when she doesn’t get her way. Actually, Cydney has calmed down a bit. Much of her wild has been controlled to staying in one place and throwing things around. However, there are some different little things that have arrived recently.

When something is taken away the popular phrase is “MY ______!” Classic terrible twos line. I thought we were done with this because when Cydney first came back to me when something was taken away she would say “Mine!” to everything and snatch it away. Right after, a fit would ensue with lots of rolling around on the floor. While I thought some of this would die down I was apparently wrong.

While I am well aware that this wonderful stage is just beginning I’m nervous about what else may turn up. Already a little one who packs a punch and does damage I’m really curious of what will come next. Send some prayers this way that we get through this in one piece!

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