Cydney’s Disappearing Act (My Sister’s In Town)

My twin sister Courtney doesn’t live in New York with us.  She’s in South Jersey.  Since her son is still here, she visits twice a month or so.  Cydney loves her aunt.  Since she talks to her pretty frequently on the phone, she generally assumes that when she’s given the phone to speak she usually says “Hantee!” (that’s Cydney for Auntie).  She gets pretty excited and has a lot to say.

My sister got in Sunday morning and I haven’t seen much of Cydney since.  I’ve seen her in passing.  She’s come up to me and said “Daddy!” and does her little hop which means she wants to get picked up but that’s about it until bed time.  I don’t even hear her.  Well, she’s happy and having a great time.

It’s good also because it gives me a chance to be even more productive than normal because she’s occupied.  I was able to get a lot more work done yesterday since most of my days slow down drastically after 11:00 AM.  Hell, I didn’t change one diaper yesterday.  That in itself was a vacation! My sister tries to give some time off when she’s around.  I said to her “I didn’t hear Cydney at all today.”  She said “Oh, she called for you a couple of times, I just distracted her.”

My sister is that aunt you had growing up who lives out of town and when you do come around you get to do whatever you want to do and all the rules go out the window.  She’s great at watching them but she knows the kids need a break from the routine just as much as the parent needs time away for the same reasons.  My sister, who documents everything through video has hours and hours of them doing some of everything in their capers.  Of course she shows me some videos saying “Chad look at this its SOOOOO funny!” and I’m shaking my head like “Why?”  But, that’s what you do with them and they get to get away with it.  I was that vacation for her son when I lived in Atlanta and would come up to visit.  Everything he couldn’t do with everyone else (which wasn’t much) he could do with me.  He got to be one of the fellas with me and we did things that were pretty questionable but hey, it is what it is.


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