Cydney the Flirt

Cydney is quite the social butterfly. If there’s a crowd, she wants to be in it. If she’s not being paid adequate attention she will rectify that accordingly. If a camera is going off she wants to be in front of it saying cheeeeeese! I think being very outgoing is an excellent quality to have […]

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Cydney’s Checkup

Yesterday I took Cydney to the doctor to get her checkup. It’s the first time that I had taken her to one since she was six months. It’s not that she hasn’t been to the doctor, just due to Timile’s parents having her, all of the legal proceedings, not having and filling out paperwork, etc […]

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Happy Birthday, Timile

It’s January 4, and today would have been my fiance’s 27th birthday.  Am I sad? Not really.  Do I miss her? Yeah I do, but I’ve accepted and am at peace with that she’s gone.  She was definitely my best friend.  As I have said before, the one part about this that sucks is that […]

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The Cry Through It Struggle

Cydney is almost two years old.  And as a father my secondary role until she needs to learn about boys and men from a man’s perspective is to spoil the living hell out of her.  I think I do a good job at that.  Of course it has its drawbacks.  I’m not one to refer […]

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My Funny New Year Story

I forgot all about this story until last night. Twenty years ago on New Years Eve I woke up with an itch and a little scar on my neck. I went to my mother and asked her what was it. She looked concerned but didn’t say what it was. As the day went on, it […]

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