A Child’s Imagination

Cydney is now two years old.  She's going from being a baby to a person.  A toddler is still a sponge that takes everything in, but they start to put things out there as well.  They start to show signs of their own personalities and such and they can become very entertaining watching them develop.... Continue Reading →

Cydney’s Different

Everyone thinks their child is special and different. In some kind of way, they're all right. I have this belief we're all the best in the world at something. Well, Cydney has had an interesting two years in this world and those 37 weeks while she was being carried as well. While I do not... Continue Reading →

Turning Two

Yesterday was a pretty long day. Well, it kinda started like many do. I woke up at six but due to fatigue I took a little while to get out of bed. No matter how tired I was I was pumped because it was my daughter's birthday and the first one I got to spend... Continue Reading →

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