Praying For My Mother

As I’ve got older it’s been less and less, but growing up I was a mamma’s boy.  My mother and I were really close.  As I’ve got older we still are but I’m an adult and at one point had someone who replaced her as number one girl to me.  With that said, my mom created an environment for my sister in which although we were twins we were individuals as well as letting us develop into our true selves for whatever that is worth.

In the summer of 2011, while I was neck deep in dealing with Timile’s cancer treatments as well as working and adjusting to being a new parent, I got a phone call from my father.  He called me and told me that my mother had her annual mamagram and they found a lump.  They’d done some tests and the results came back saying it was cancer.  He told me that the last person my mother wanted to call and tell that news to was me.  She was trying to look out for me because life was already pretty rough for me at twenty-five.  Yes, at that point I was dealing with both my fiance and my mother being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatments.  A lot is an understatement for what was going on.  I had to choice but to deal, so that I did.

When everything started going south in Virginia, I was on the phone with my mother who was just starting chemo treatments a lot.  I was talking her through it, joking around, being a listening ear, and trying to be encouraging.  The last time Timile saw my mother (and I saw Timile for that matter), my mother showed Timile her bald head and they both talked about their experiences with chemotherapy.

When everything really went sour, I went home and I thought that was just part of God’s plan.  No corporate gig came through and I was (and am) music hustling.  I think that happened so that I could be home while she was going through chemo, surgery, and radiation.  By the summer of 2012 we thought that she was done because there were no signs of cancer in her.

In January she went for a checkup and the doctors had found that cancer had grown back in the same place and she’d have to have a mastectomy.  I know how important that is to women because breasts are a major part of womanhood.  As of last week, the surgeon noticed that it was growing rapidly and was growing through her skin.  Her surgery was supposed to be today and it was time to get this over with for real.

4:30AM, my parents left for the hospital and her procedure began at 11.  I don’t know anything else at this point.  It’s an eight hour procedure so I really won’t know anything until tonight.  I guess that’d fine.  In the meantime I’m just keeping busy and continuing to do what I would do on any other day because that’s all I can do and in adversity I always do that: keep it moving.

So, I write all of this to ask all of my readers and followers to keep my mother in your prayers and on your hearts today and over the next six weeks that there are no further complications from the surgery.  Thank you all for reading and well wishes.


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