Making A Decision

After Timile was diagnosed with cancer we immediately went into figuring out treatment. The doctors at Winthrop Hospital were saying had Timile done treatment there they would have brought in a surgeon to operate on her. We really affected a lot of people there. One attending physician said he doesn’t tell his wife about work but he felt such a way he told her about Timile.

Since we were in New York, the idea of going to Memorial Sloan Kettering came up. Sloan Kettering is the second best cancer hospital in the country. We heard it was difficult to get into. It turns out a friend of a friend went there and she tried her best to get us in there. It turns out, the nurse who had been primarily looking after Timile had and uncle who was the head of the GI department. Just where we needed to go!

Timile’s godmother suggested Roswell Park in Buffalo. It was a good institution and she could be near her family. I didn’t want to move to cold ass Buffalo. But I really didn’t want to because Sloan Kettering was number two. If I could have got her in to number one, I would have.

Timile’s parents suggested Virginia. Hell no I wasn’t going to Virginia! They said that Cydney and her could stay with them. Timile asked what about me. They said I could live with Timile’s cousin because we weren’t married. Timile said that we weren’t a family and would not be split up so that wasn’t even a discussion as far as she was concerned.
We had a lot of talking to do and decisions to make. Some of those even got hostile. Once we got into one when we had visitors. All bad. But we were looking into all options abd making a quick decision.

I had people from Virginia, Buffalo, New York, sbd Atlanta calling me giving their opinions on what we should do. Timile wanted to go to Buffalo. I talked to my father about it and he said we should go to Buffalo and that confirmed it to me. Ultimately we already had an appointment at Sloan Kettering so we would start there and see how how that goes and then make a decision.

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