My Twin


My sister and I are two minutes apart in age. Yes, I’m the younger of the two of us and between 3:32 and 3:34 on November 22 she makes sure to remind me.

There’s a saying about twins that you’re either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. We’re moreso the former although we have times of being the latter. We have a certain dynamic in which whatever one is the other isn’t. She’s the really boisterous one out of the two of us and I’m the laidback one. I think we try our best to balance each other out.

I get asked a lot do we have “the twin thing” where if something happens to one does the other one feel it. We used to when we were young but I think once we found significant others it went away. The last time I remember that happening was 2005 where around 4:30 one afternoon I felt my left ring and pinky finger went numb. The next day she called and told me around 4:30 the day before she slammed her left ring and pinky finger in a car door.

I bring my sister up because things have been pretty hectic the last week since my mom has been out of the hospital. I’ve had lots of running around to do and she cane back up from Jersey to help out. Most of her helpling out has come in the form of watching Cydney. And that’s great because Cydney loves her and kinda doesn’t want much to do with me. They’ve been having a great time playing ans her teaching my child inappropriate things like siblings do to your kid. I don’t trip because I do it with her son.

Soon she’s going back home but its been a nice little relief and good way to ease into when the fun begins in a few days. I didn’t ask, she just did it. Relief is always a good thing and someone who does so knowing you need it on their own is great.

Thanks,  Courtney even though I can’t STAND you.

3 thoughts on “My Twin

  1. I always thought that “twin thing” of feeling each other’s pain was a myth. How interesting that you’ve actually experienced it.


  2. Chad,
    I stumbled upon your blog. You’re an inspiration. My dad is a single father and even though he didn’t raise babies by himself….i know thru him, its not easy. Much respect and Keep your Head up!!



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