Making Easter Happen

Its been a long winter and I’m elated with spring being here. The first venture of spring was to make Easter happen. Outfits were already picked out, a couple of things were still needed and of course keeping the myth of the natural Easter Bunny alive.

With my mother being out of commission I was in charge of everything. I make no bones about it that I hate to shop. Unlike Christmas, Easter is all about last minute with very little planning. I almost forgot to get Easter Bunny pictures taken until my friend reminded me. That was Thursday night. I spent a good part of Thursday and Friday looking for black cardigan sweater for Cydney. I went to every children’s store and of course no one had one. The last store I went to actually had one. I was relieved but annoyed wondering how easier life would have been had I gone to Macy’s first.

There was still toy and candy shopping to do. Toys R Us was a zoo but they had lots of sales. That $156 spent went down to $113. Gotta love that. I did my candy grabbing at Walgreens and made life easy by not going to a busy one. Being that its Easter, we keep Jesus in our Easter Bunny set by getting things from the Christian Book store. I bought a cd and some dvds for my nephew and Cydney.

By the time I finished doing all of that I was beat. Still had more to do because my aunt was having her annual egg dying event at her house. Still had to pick them up and by that night everyone was beyond tired.

Sunday morning I was so tired that I nodded off during a part of the sermon. It wasn’t on purpose but it happens. After church and taking pictures in our duds we headed to my grandmother’s for dinner where there was more candy and hyper children. Cydney passed out a minute and a half after we left and I was knocked out shortly after midnight. All in all, it was a success but I’m still tired. But its Monday so its time to do all of the regular stuff again.

2 thoughts on “Making Easter Happen

  1. Kudos to you and your determination, and with the Lord our God covering you, you could not lose. Giving God all the praise and thanksgiving for His covering, and blessing upon you and Cydney. You are an inspiration to other young fathers who have the responsibility of raising their child/children as single dads. So very proud of You!!!


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