Singing to Cydney

While other parents do things like play classical music to their unborn. My mother told me she had a different approach: She played Prince during hers with my sister and me. Looking at how we turned out I can say it makes sense.

When Timile was pregnant with Cydney a similar approach was taken but not necessarily on purpose. Cydney got whatever studio session I was in, whatever I was listening to on road trips, etc. I’m going to say because I don’t know why that this is the reason for Cydney’s affinity of music. Sure all kids love music and the fact that its around her all the time only feeds that.

Like I was told about myself at her age, Cydney sings all the time. That was all I wanted to do. I wanted to be Michael Jackson. Eventually, the name changed and my taste evolved. But the death knell to my impending singing career was puberty. My register got lower and things just weren’t the same. That was a good part of the deciding factor in which I transitioned into rapping and production. I only sang on stuff if I absolutely had to or someone caught me while in the car. In college when my group had an in house singer I was elated and never sang on anything again until we all we t our separate ways after college.

Well, being that I have this little girl that loves music and loves to sing I find myself doing it all the time again. I didn’t want to so much at first, but I’m over it now. Its funny how that works because even when I’m by myself I find myself doing it more and more. That’s the thing about having kids, they’ll draw stuff out of you whether you like it or not. Well played, Cydney!

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