In Full Swing

I was hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as others made it out to be, but the Terrible Twos are here! Some of the phases Cydney seemed to have gone through before within the last year but many characteristics have come back with a vengeance.

For example, when I first got Cydney back from Virginia last year Cydney would say everything was “Mine!” That quelled for a while. Now, it’s “Mine!” and an ensuing fit with rolling around on the floor being part of the routine. I just ignore it and walk away.

You name it, we go through it now. Now, I will say thank God *knocks on wood* that Cydney doesn’t have large fits, outbursts, or tantrums but what I do go through is a lot.

The question is what to do about it? The other day I gave my take on one form of regulation. Usually I do just ignore her and walk away. I do tell her to no do something and she responds with “Noooooooo.” That’s usually when something gets taken away or she is taken away. Sometimes she will do what she’s told responding with a reluctant “Okaaaaay!”

For the most part it is temporary, but its still trying behavior. You do little things to discipline if and when needed but it is something you have to just ride it out. Its 9:25 AM, and even though I’m a morning person I’m burned out and Cydney isn’t even up yet.

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