Another Sick Day

Cydney went to bed Monday night putting up more of a fight than normal.  I noticed that her voice was getting a little raspy but I didn't think much of it other than her voice could have been horse from all of the yelling she'd been doing over the weekend.  That morning she woke up... Continue Reading →

This Is The Life/Highs and Lows

 *Music contains explicit content*All of 2011 was a difficult year.  With Cydney's birth, Timile's diagnosis and eventual passing from cancer as well as my mother's diagnosis; I had been going through a lot.  Being that all of my time was taken up between the three most important girls in my life.  My outlet was the... Continue Reading →

Childhood Innocence

My daughter is a very personable little girl.  Usually when you take children into new surroundings and new people, they get shy and cling to their parent's leg.  Not Cydney.  Whenever she is introduced to a new person, she walks right up to them, points to herself and says "I'm Thindney!" That's how she pronounces... Continue Reading →

5/21/12: The Final Court Date

May 21 had been marked off on my mental calendar for almost three months. I always knew I was getting my daughter back so I was never worried about that. After all that I'd been through since between the pregnancy, cancer, and moving around; this chapter could finally close and Timile could rest in peace.... Continue Reading →

Growing Old

 Something's gotta changeSounds of laughter and happiness turns my teardrops to rainBeen bearing this burden for too many of my daysLooks like breezes of autumn done finally move my wayLike memories of yesterday...While Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic opened up the door for southern hip-hop, Aquemini is the five-mic classic, Stankonia was the crossover, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below won all... Continue Reading →

SpelHouse Graduation

Social media is something else. When I graduated from high school ten years ago, you were balling if your cell phone had a camera. More than likely you didn't. Your memories were mostly 4x6 glossy photos in which the best one or two you put in your scanner and you asked your friends who knew... Continue Reading →

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