Cydney is a pretty fearless little girl. She runs, and jumps all day everyday. She jumps off of steps, and really some of anything. The first day it was nice out this spring she scraped both of her knees without shedding one tear, jumped right back up, and continued like nothing ever happened. If she runs and bumps into something and she starts crying means she really hurt herself. She always continues without thinking twice of whether she will hurt herself again.

Last Saturday, my nephew’s little league game was at an elementary school with multiple slides on its playground. All Cydney wanted to go was get on the big slide. She mentioned “slide” repeatedly. Eventually we walked over to the slide. The first obstacle was a set of steps that resembled a rock you would do mountain climbing on, except it was in step form. The steps were steep, but that didn’t bother Cydney. She kept going until she made her way to the top. By the time she got to the top, there was a relatively steep step to get down from in order to get on the slide. She started to get nervous. For a couple of minutes, she was trying to figure out how to make her way down this step that was her adversary at the time. I don’t think it was just intrigue, it was fear. Now mind you, I’ve seen Cydney jump (not with permission) from higher up than said step so I know she was a little scared.

Since she’s always been so fearless, I was trying to encourage her to get down on her own. I told her to hold onto the side, sit down on the step and slide down, jump even. She wasn’t trying to hear it. For the first time I felt like a dad helping my daughter get over something that she was a little scared of. This went on for a good five minutes. She was determined to get down this slide, so there was no getting down for her. Eventually, she asked me for my hand so that she could use as leverage to get down this step. As soon as I reached out, she grabbed it, smiled excitedly and went right down the slide. As soon as she hit the bottom, she was ready to get up and do it again: deep steps and all. I found another set of steps on the other side which lead to the big slide which became her next thing to conquer. Now that slide, she went down without thinking twice about.

I felt like I had accomplished something. I felt like I accomplished helping Cydney get past something. I want to keep encouraging my little girl to be fearless and take on anything that’s thrown her way. I don’t want her to potentially miss out on anything because she was too afraid to step out and try or hold herself back. While I do all of the other dad things, this was the moment I felt initiated into the brotherhood. It was about instilling confidence in a “I will always be there for you” beyond words, but in the form of action. I must say it was pretty awesome.

Here is the footage of Cydney and the slide.

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