Nurse Appreciation Week


I used to see this advertisement on the Long Island Railroad and Roosevelt Field Mall last year. Every once in a while I would hear a commercial on the radio as well. Whenever I saw or heard these advertisements I would think to myself “They’re right.”

Timile had Cydney at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY. We decided on Winthrop because my nephew was born there, and I like the way the maternity ward looked as well as the staff. Now, I will say that our main OB-GYN I wasn’t too crazy about, but she did a good job. After Cydney was born and we still were not sure of what was going on with Timile, a the nurses were ones who took initiative and really pushed for extra testing to be done to find out what was going on. After our required two days in the maternity ward, the administration and higher-ups were trying to have us moved to another part of the hospital. After lots of fighting, assistance, and drama, we got to stay in maternity with Cydney staying in the nursery. Had we not, Cydney would not have been able to visit Timile and neither would I while we were waiting to hear back a diagnosis and getting treatments together.

Being that we were there for almost a month, everyone on the floor got to know us very well. In the nursery, they fell in love with Cydney and the nurses were there beyond just their role. They became friends of ours. I know our circumstances were beyond something that normally rolls through maternity and people are in and out in two days; but people really gravitated to Timile and Cydney. It made what went quickly from the happiest time in our lives to the hardest time seamless and a little easier.

What made our time even easier was that one of the nurses had worked in ICU before. So having to deal with pain beyond trying to get your body back to normal, administering stronger pain medications, etc., she was able to handle what was coming along with our circumstances. It also turned out that when we were in the process of trying to get Timile admitted into Memorial Sloan-Kettering, it turns out that her uncle was the head of the GI Department. She made a phone call to him, and he pulled some strings and we were able to get in. If that wasn’t God…

When we were finally discharged, everyone at one time or another came by to see us off. Many exchanged information, phone numbers, emails, Facebook, and promised to keep in touch. Timile and many of them did. A few weeks after Timile passed away I was at Pathmark not too far from where I live. I heard someone call for me. It was one of the nurses. They asked how I was doing and how was Cydney. I told her all that was going on and that I didn’t have custody and was in the process of trying to get her back. She told me that the whole floor had taken it pretty hard when they found out that Timile died. That really hit and meant something to me. It meant that while we were doing their job, they were doing more because they were invested and they cared. If you’re there for two days beginning your family or four weeks dealing with possibly losing someone, that is what you want and look for. So to all at Winthrop Hospital I want to say thank you.

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