Another Dream About Timile

The night of Mothers Day I had a fairly interesting dream. I dreamt that Timile and I went to visit a church. Michelle Obama got remarried to a prosperity preacher/evangelist.

The church was weird to say the least. So many things were off. For praise and worship, the choir sang Dru Hill’s “Beauty.” There was no changing it to “Jesus is His name,” or anything; it was straight secular.  The former first lady then gave announcements and took her seat in the front row. The pastor, a black man in his fifties gave a sermon equipped with explosions, stroble lights,  and images on a projector that changed with his tone and inflection all the while preaching the gospel. At the altar call, the congregation stood up, and prayed over the preacher, his new bride, and their union. Hmm.

After the prayer, the congregation sat back down and Timile said to me “After everything I’ve been through, I’m cancer free. I’m healed.” I woke up shortly after that and it was Mothers Day.

I told my mother about the dream. She said she asked how did Timile look. I said “Like herself.” She asked “And she spoke to you?” I replied “She always does.” She responded that she found that interesting because whenever she has dreams about people who have passed on that they don’t say anything. I don’t know if that is common or not.

I’ve been having a lot of dreams about exes, girls I used to talk to for extensive periods of time, and people I had a love thang for. Usually my dreams are about us remembering the old days and talking about getting back together. Timile as well. I dreamt last night that I was watching the series finale of The Office, and one of the characters they mentioned on the show was a girl that used to work at Dunder Mifflin who loved walruses who abruptly left and I knew that the character was Timile they were referring to.

From what I remember in my college studies, dreams usually represent something. They’re your subconscious’ way of telling you something or symbolically playing a recurring theme that you’ve been thinking about. I did a little reading and they say that dreams about getting back with exes can mean that those feelings you had before for someone you have again for someone who is currently in your life. Umm, Ionknow about all that. One person also stated that it could mean you miss someone. I don’t miss anyone I had something with before. Sure, I miss Timile but that’s about it. The dreams with her are all about her being sick and/dying.

The last time I had dreams like this was seven years ago I knew I was being prepared for something. I was forcing closure to chapters in my life I hadn’t closed and could not move on until I did. A few months later, Timile and I started dating and the rest is history.

I’m not looking into anything other than paying attention to a pattern at this point. I think it’s very similar to spring and summer 2006, when I was in a transitional period and this was occurring. I think the same thing is happening again. So much is changing in my life and I am adjusting to many different realities. Maybe with other things in my life settling, I am looking back at my past as well as Timile and bringing closure to all of those things as well in order to move on since I have begun to fully embrace my single-ness I am okay with this for now.

Maybe that’s what the Michelle Obama getting remarried to someone totally different from Barack meant.

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