Becoming A Little Girl


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. How much of that is genetic and how much is learned behavior? In my Educational Psychology course in college we spoke about this extensively. How your environment begins to shape you before you’re even born to identical twins could be raised in different locations and not look so much alike.

An interesting thing I learned from my professor is that what we as parents like, dislike, and fear our children do as well. If your kid sees you’re terrified of spiders, there’s a good chance they will be too. The other side of that is liking things. I became a Yankees fan because grandfather was one and always had the game on when they played (Eventually I had my own reasons: They’re the Yankees and they’re awesome). Lord knows my love of music and passion for production is because of my father’s career choice. I’m sure Cydney has picked up on some of this all of the time spent around me doing the same.

So where is the line drawn from learned behavior vs human nature? Other than the basics, Cydney doesn’t get many of her girl tendencies from me. Of course I’ve bought many dolls, we play tea time, and I tell her she’s gorgeous; but we play baseball and she runs around and scrapes her knees at two that would make a seven year old cry.

Somehow almost completely on her own Cydney is becoming a little girl. With the weather getting nicer in New York, Cydney wants to wear dresses all of the time. If I try one on and take it off, she has a fit because she wants me to put back on her “Princess Dress.” That in itself is interesting. No one including myself calls or refers to Cydney as a princess but yet she wants to be one. Where did that come from? Dora, Diego, or the Bubble Guppies talk about them either. Its really puzzling.

I know some of this behavior is nurture. Cydney wants lipstick because my sister has given her some once or twice. She wants her nails done because my aunt does her nails every Friday. She is becoming a girly girl; or at least partially she is. She said to me today that she needs to look in the mirror to see how her hair looks. I can’t take it!

I know the nature side of this coin comes into play as well. Well, there’s genetics. Her being a girl means she makes more estrogen and her limbic system responds and recalls different memories and emotions because she does not have that y chromosome (Putting what I remember of the scientifical part psychology degree to work and yes i usex scientifical on purpose). But even so, her mother grew up with strong tomboy tendencies but she was very much a girly girl. She was a good blend of both. One who would watch sports and like to fight but would always do it in makeup, earrings, and her hair done. I’m okay with this blend of girliness and tomboy hybrid. Deep down, most men love a woman like that.  Hell, I know I do and almost all of my friends do as well. Part of my raising a little girl is that she one day becomes someone’s wife so why not be all the way awesome. I find this to be very intriguing and of course with some fine tuning will do my best to work this out.

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