Another Sick Day

How Cydney spent most of the last two days...

Cydney went to bed Monday night putting up more of a fight than normal.  I noticed that her voice was getting a little raspy but I didn’t think much of it other than her voice could have been horse from all of the yelling she’d been doing over the weekend.  That morning she woke up a little warm.  I took her temperature and it read 99.2.  A little hot, but not enough to be too alarmed just yet.  As the day went on, she developed more and more of a cough.  She was still running around as much as she would just about any other day but as it got later, she got more and more sluggish.  Around 6 PM, she just fell asleep in my arms.  That’s how I knew something was up.

That night, she put up even more of a fight to go to sleep.  She kept waking up throughout the morning saying “My eye!  My eye!”  I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, and just about right as she said it, she went right back to sleep.  She woke up this morning earlier than she normally does and was hot.  I took her temperature and it was 102.2.  I gave her some medicine and she took it easy most of the day.  Within a couple of hours, her temperature had gone down to 99.0.  It seemed like whatever she was fighting was burning her up when she was asleep.  Since my little girl was out of it, I let her wear whatever she wanted to and it was her day.  She opted for a sundress and her “cowgirl boots.”  I took her for a walk for her to try to get a nap in; but about forty minutes later she woke up with a temperature of 102.7.  While this seems like cruel and unusual punishment, I didn’t want to take her to urgent care because I knew that all they would tell me to do was to let her get some rest and she’d be okay within a day or so.  All I could do was make her comfortable. 

So here I am at 12:07 AM, with two days of work to do because I have been catering to Cydney and her sickness.  Luckily for both of us, she didn’t put up much of a fuss tonight to go to sleep.  She still went to bed hot.  I was beyond beat.  She’d been irritable the last two days and that has been draining me.  Hell, I’m tired myself.  But, I got stuff to do.  So I’m probably going to take a nap and get to work.  Hopefully, I can get another one in before she wakes up because there will be lots to do tomorrow: It’s my nephew’s seventh birthday and I would hate for Cydney to be excluded from the activities because she is under the weather.  Also, we have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon.

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