Playing Catch Up

Last week was an incredibly long week. While I felt like I was sleeping on a fairly consistent and decent sleep schedule, my body is now feeling the effects of Cydney being sick last week. I have a slight cough, but the fatigue is something serious. I guess all of that holding Cydney took a lot out of me. I know by Sunday I was so tired and just downright irritated and this week has been the manifestation of that.

Its Thursday, and I still owe a couple of mixes to people, did no writing, and other personal work. Its not even that I can so much anymore. Cydney is over being in the studio when I work and while I set three alarms in the morning I haven’t heard one of them since before Memorial Day Weekend. Needless to say, I probably will not be sleeping much until the weekend.

With all of that said, its time for things to change. Daddy Daycare must come to an end shortly because I can’t get much done anymore. Also, since my mother is back at work I no longer need to be home so its time to go corporate again.

Things happen the way they do for a reason. No matter how much people try, other than your partner people don’t understand why you’re going through what you are. Seven months ago I had the same mindset with regards to Cydney being in daycare and going corporate. My computer broke and it slowed things down. When I bought a new one, I was looking to move to Washington DC. I hadn’t applied to not one position in New York. When January came around and we found out my mother had to have surgery again, I slowed down the grind so that I could be home. Had my computer not broken, no one would have been able to do the day to day things around here when she was beside or taken my nephew to school. Yes, its had financial repercussions but sometimes taking care of your family means more than money. Hell, its taken a toll on me in all aspects but it was needed.

Some don’t understand that, but I’ve been doing this for some years now. Its that time of season when my body says “Yo chill.” I know I have things that I’d like to do, but God’s timing is much greater than my plans. With that said, I have about thirty minutes to be productive before Cydney wakes up and my nephew is off from school today.

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