Watch the Throne: Potty Training pt. 8-Slowly Getting It

The last ten days have been an exercise in patience and perseverance.  Changing and washing lots of outfits four and five times a day.  However, it is ultimately worth it.  Cydney is slowly getting the idea that there are no more games in this potty training thing.  

Day 1 started with Cydney looking at me confused when I put this different kind of diaper on her.  It wasn’t as big, bulky, and it was different.  At first, she continued on with her regular day thinking that while this new diaper may feel different, oh well.  Within the first three hours, there were three changes of underwear, a couple of puddles, and an unhappy child.  She didn’t like the feeling at all.  As opposed to the last time she’d felt this sensation, she couldn’t sit on and let it run on me.  I left for the city around 6PM and while on the Long Island Railroad, I received a phone call about five minutes later hearing that Cydney had gone number two in the potty.  I celebrated with her on the phone as much as I possibly could.  I didn’t want to be too loud so that the others around me could know what I was talking about.  She got it together enough just in time for the big one.

I wish I could say that all days were like that.  By day number two, Cydney left a deposit so bad that I almost threw up.  Day three, we went through six pairs of underwear in an afternoon.  I had the same response so much that when Cydney goes number one she says “Daddy, I made stinky! Eww!”  When she has a number two accident, she says “Daddy! Say good Lord!”  I laugh but know I’m in for some shit (yes, that is a pun).

Not every day has been so bad.  It’s getting better and better.  Yesterday, we had our first accident at 8PM.  She went all day making it at the last minute.  We are still striving for perfection here.  I have to ask her constantly does she have to pee and she always says “No.”  As soon as I sit her done, she goes.  We celebrate and she gives me a hug.  She now tells me to go right after she does.  Once or twice I’ve humored it, and she says “Yay daddy! I’m so proud of you!”  It’s trying but we’re getting somewhere.

I think (hope) within the next week or two she’ll have it down in letting me know before it’s too late.  I don’t think that’s a far fetched goal.  She’s a smart girl, she hates the feeling, and more than anything she’s been able to hold it since July.

The saga continues.

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