I’ve always loved this song.  It makes me think of being about seven when it came out and when 98.7 Kiss FM was the rap radio station in New York.  When I was in my high school band, I played this every morning as part of my warm-up on my sax.

Tuesdays are music days, but this one just hit me out of nowhere.  There’s so much to say about Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “They Remenice Over You.”  It was a song what was a homage to their friend and member of Heavy D and the Boyz Troy “Trouble T-Roy” Dixon who died in a freak accident in 1990.  It’s one of those songs you never forget when you hear it.  Tom Scott’s tenor sax riff that is sampled sticks out like a sore thumb whether you hear the original song or the track itself.  Pete Rock talked about how he and CL Smooth were feeling depressed thinking about their fallen friend.  CL wrote the song before the track was made and Pete Rock said he would make something for it to be recorded over and the rest is history.  I read somewhere that once it was finished, Pete Rock played it for Charlie Brown of Leaders of the New School and they broke down into tears as it played.

It’s become an anthem not only of an era of hip hop that is no more, but one for all of those who have lost someone.  In 2003, they did a remake with Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz where CL raps once again about Trouble T-Roy as well as others from the song who have passed on.  While I like that version a whole lot, nothing compares to the heart of the original.

Yesterday I was on the phone with Timile’s godmother, Sydney (Who Cydney is named after).  I was talking to her about life in general and seeing her next week for her son’s wedding.  I was telling her about the article that was written about Cydney and I, getting laid off a couple days ago, and just trying to make it.  We were talking about a few years ago when I was let go because it was due to cutbacks just like the other day and how much Timile and I struggled through that time.  We conversed about how life throws adversity your way and you have to just go with it.  She said to me “You were just chasing the prettiest girl on campus.  You didn’t sign up for this!” Man was she right, and her saying that over the phone has been ringing in my head ever since.

Since the article in TheRoot has posted, a lot of people have reached out to me; many of them from college.  Some saying they still think about Timile and that others have not forgotten about her.  A few months ago when I was with Sydney’s son Brian, I just mentioned her name while we were at a party in reference to something.  He said give him a moment.  He walked off for a minute or two, and came back wiping his eyes saying that he’s still not over his little cousin being gone.  I’ve had that response happen a couple of times.  I met someone a couple of months ago while I had Cydney with me who we went to college with and once I mentioned Timile’s name she put two and two together realizing the child that I had with me, walked off for a moment and cried as well.  I realize that while I’ve somewhat had peace about her passing others haven’t just yet or moreso since it is not a part of their everyday lives when she is brought up it is fresh in their minds as if December 9th was yesterday.

With Timile and what Sydney said heavy on my mind, I found myself listening to Tom Scott’s “Today” this morning randomly.  When I played the song, I wasn’t actually thinking about Timile consciously, but it just works out that way sometimes.  At 1:39 when that riff pops up out of nowhere, it all came back.  Of course I found myself playing Pete Rock and CL Smooth right after.  No thoughts of sadness, just a quick moment of reminiscing… My God.

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