The [Second to] Last Chapter: Three Years Ago


I looked at Cydney today and thought to myself “Wow, you’ve changed quickly.” I went through my phone and looked at pictures of her in June 2011 and 2012. My next thought was “Holy shit, you’ve existed for three years now.” I remembered exactly what was going on three years ago to the date.

In June of 2010 Timile nor I knew about Cydney, but she as there. We were going through some other things. We didn’t get along too well at the time and while keeping the faith internally everything on the outside looked like our time together was coming to an end. There was a time in April where Timile had been so mad that she stayed at her friend’s house for five days. I thought to myself, “One night is cool, but you’re bugging and you’ll see that very soon.” Shortly after, her and the friend she was staying with had a falling out. In my head I thought “I knew it.” but people hate when you’re right a lot so I didn’t say it.

Any who, late June Timile got a phone call from her mother’s doctor. The doctor had informed her that while in the hospital her mother would not sign a form of resuscitation had she gone into any kind of arrest. Timile saw this as something very serious. She hadn’t seen her mother in over a year since she moved back to Atlanta from Virginia and when she went back to get the rest of her things her mother called the cops on her and her best friend for trespassing. After the ordeal with the police, they said that she could come back and get her things if her mother left them outside and Timile gave back the key. Her mother left bags of nothing that was trash outside. Think I’m exaggerating? I have the pictures to prove it.

Months after that ordeal (if that was April 2009 no one contacted her until Thanksgiving) her parents tried to reconnect with Timile. Timile would not visit and I did not blame her for ever wanting to return to that house. So there was a standstill on their relationship. So that June when Timile got the phone call she told her job she had to go because it was an emergency.  The administration at the daycare that she worked for tended to make things hell for her so they told her that her and another teacher in the room had to “work it out” because the other teacher was taking that day off because of her wedding.  Timile and the other girl thought that wasn’t right because they could have easily put two other teachers in the room for a couple of days.  Timile left anyway because once again, she had an emergency on her hand.

We left immediately to drive to Virginia.  I drove the whole way.  Timile was getting more and more anxious the closer we got to the Seven Cities.  We were going to stay at her godmother’s in Chesapeake because her mother was at the hospital in nearby Portsmouth not to mention that her godmother was always supportive and understanding of Timile and really related because she was banished by Timile’s mother as well.  We got there at night.  The next morning we traded cars with one of her best friends because she had a Virginia license plate and the hospital was on a Naval Base so it would have made parking just a little easier.  When we got there, Timile’s mother was happy to see her.  At first, her mother’s blood pressure was 160/120.  Within an hour, it dropped to 135/100.  Timile watched movies with her mother, painted her nails, and combed her hair.

On the way backto her best friends’ house from the hospital we talked about how quickly her mother was recovering.  She talked to her about everything that was going on with her mother.  Her friends’ mom was well aware of how Timile’s mother was because they used to live right behind Timile.  Timile said that she knew what the whole trip was about: her mother was throwing a tantrum and was gambling on her life to force Timile to come back without having to talk about what had happened over the last year.  Her mother had done it before and the pattern that her immediate family displayed was after traumatic events (Usually at her emotional expense), they would pretend that nothing ever happened, talk about it, or an apology.  She hated that.  While she felt that her mother was “On that bullshit,” she came and did what she had to do for her family like she had done since she was eleven years old.  Timile was tired of having to do that and you could hear it in how she talked about her mother.  If Timile’s family is reading this, understand I have no reason to lie.  I knew her better than anyone.  I knew all of her most intimate thoughts and what I say comes straight out of the horse’s mouth.

At night, she would have long talks with Sydney.   She told me later that they talked about her mother and how everything she had been through was stressing her out in these long vent sessions.  I’m sure somehow I came up since I was the bane of her existence aka what she was taking out all of her frustrations on.  Sydney was a big supporter of me and still is.  She knew I was right for her even when Timile wouldn’t see it and would remind her of so.

We went to the hospital one more full day. Timile could only take so much.  Timile’s mother was rapidly showing signs of improvement just from Timile’s being there.  Five days after we left, not only had her mother signed the forms, but she was back home.  The doctor told her and thanked her for coming.

On the way back to Atlanta, we stopped at a yard sale we saw and bought a slew of VHS’ because they were $.50 each.  While on I-85 I called my father because I knew he had a show in Charlotte.  My father always liked Timile and liked to see her.  I went to the show, but Timile wasn’t feeling too well and opted to stay at the hotel and get some rest.  We thought it was because she had been under a lot of stress and as soon as she had a moment to let it all sink in she was tired.

What we didn’t know at the time was that Timile was three weeks pregnant.  While going through all of that, Cydney was right there the whole time.  Man time flies.  The little thing we didn’t know existed at the time is now two and puts stickers all over her face saying she’s a lion all the while roaring through JC Penny.

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