Honesty: A Dating Piece

Yesterday I was reading an article on who is becoming a good friend of mine's website Kia Speaks Also. It was an article about being honest when it comes to dating/relationships. I was all for it. The first thing I thought about was Chris Rock's stand up Bigger and Blacker where he talks about dating.... Continue Reading →

The Bloody Tear

I would have posted earlier today. I went to bed at 5AM with the intentions of waking up at 5:45 bit my body said otherwise. Too much work to catch up on but I guess some things happen when they can. Last night, around 7PM, I was catching up on a little work (ok, I... Continue Reading →

Stevie Wonder-As

 As today I know I'm living but tomorrow Could make me the past but that I mustn't fear For I'll know deep in my mind The love of me I've left behind Cause I'll be loving you alwaysMy favorite Stevie Wonder song (other than Uptight-the ULTIMATE happy song) of all time. There's something about songs written in the... Continue Reading →


Its been a tough week. Been playing catch up physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally the last few days and usually along with that comes writer's block. Also, my mornings have been about filling out applications in my effort to once again go corporate so the time I would write I've been working or just sitting... Continue Reading →

Playing Catch Up

Last week was an incredibly long week. While I felt like I was sleeping on a fairly consistent and decent sleep schedule, my body is now feeling the effects of Cydney being sick last week. I have a slight cough, but the fatigue is something serious. I guess all of that holding Cydney took a... Continue Reading →

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