Broken Hearts

Life throws all kinds of curveballs.  We're told at an early age to put our best foot forward and eventually things will work out.  The road to things working out is littered with potholes, jaywalkers, fallen trees, and its a dark road so you can't see any of these things.  You live and you learn.Almost... Continue Reading →

My Mom, Camp Cathy

Summertime is that season we all look forward to. It means great weather, trips, BBQ's for many and no reason at the same time, and good times to be turned into unforgettable memories. There are many places to travel and visit during this beloved season. But there is no place like New York in the... Continue Reading →

Perfect Angel

 I've found myself listening to this album quite a bit recently.  The production is flawless. Then again alongside one of the best falsettos I've ever heard, this album was co-produced by none other than Stevie Wonder whose imprint can be heard throughout.  Songs like "Take a Little Trip" and its ascending guitar chords, the title... Continue Reading →

Your Child’s Blessings

I was having a conversation with my mother a few days ago about a friend of hers. The friend is incredibly spiteful, petty, and many times people don't want to deal with them. You know, a lot of things you shouldn't be at 40. She said "She really needs to work on that because you... Continue Reading →

Photo Set: Rye Playland

Yesterday the family and I went to a small amusement park about twenty minutes from New York City called Rye Playland. Well, most of you may have seen it a time or two, but did not know what place it was. Here's a quick reminder: I haven't been here since 1998, but its... Continue Reading →

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