Morning Conversations

Cookie Monster and Elmo sitting on their couch was part of this morning's activities.

I am a morning person. My internal clock wakes me up at a quarter to six whether I like it or not. However, I do enjoy waking up early and feeling like I have the whole day ahead of me to accomplish things.

My favorite parts of my mornings are hours after I am awake. Its when I wake Cydney up. She is always reluctant to awake, but shortly after she stretches she has the biggest smile on her face. She looks at me, says good morning, and usually has something random to say which I assume is what she is dreaming about. For about a half hour, the two of us just sit and talk about everything from how well did she sleep to what she is demanding to do for the day. Soon after, Cydney is picking up dolls off the floor or out of her crib and I must play along with her or she will insist that I take pictures of her and them.

I think I enjoy this part of the day because it is the most calm part of the day. There isn’t much jumping around all over me and Cydney is at her sweetest during that time. Maybe its that at this time there is no filter or any other distraction. Without distraction (which children are constantly responding or invoking one stimulus until they are asleep), what you see is just them for who they really are. Another possibility is that since I believe that children are closer to God then we are, its because they understand and appreciate being awake for another day.

Of course, there is also that I am happy to see her and start another day.

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