My Mom, Camp Cathy

Summertime is that season we all look forward to. It means great weather, trips, BBQ’s for many and no reason at the same time, and good times to be turned into unforgettable memories.

There are many places to travel and visit during this beloved season. But there is no place like New York in the Summer. So much to do and if you can’t have a good time here, then there’s something wrong with you. Everyone’s outside (For better or worse *ahem tourists walking around with your heads up blocking pedestrian traffic*) and that in itself makes it something else.

Growing up here, my mother used to show us the city in what she would call “Camp Cathy.” We would go on day trips to any and every museum, go to shows, movies, ballgames, you name it. I guess that’s one of the benefits of being a kid and your mom is a teacher because she had summers off as well (She would send us off to camp for a week and that’s when she’d have her vacation). She would go into straight camp counselor mode and we’d be out and about until as she called it “Zero o’clock in the morning.”

Many of our trips out of town would be to somewhere like Philadelphia or Washington DC when my father would have a show in one of those cities. We’d have great road trips, fun overnights, and surprise stops at places like Six Flags or would go out of the way to King’s Dominion in Virginia. It was always an adventure rolling with my mom.

My mother’s been a little slower these last three summers due to cancer and chemo treatments. This summer I’ve picked up the reigns a little bit and been playing the role of camp counselor taking the kids to the movies, impromptu trips to the city hanging out with friends and such. However, they still get the Camp Cathy experience because in the last week we’ve all been to amusement parks and the arcade. When we pulled up to Rye Playland last week, Cydney looked out in excitement and said “REALLY?! FOR ME?! I’M SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!”

When you become a parent, a good majority of your excitement no longer comes from doing things for yourself. It becomes all about seeing your child’s eyes light up in excitement. There aren’t many rushes or moments of fulfillment like the one that comes with that face. Of course, the payoff is them being asleep on the ride home and having a night of peace and quiet.

Thanks mom.

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