Cydney Quotables

Kids say the darndest things and Cydney is no exception. Anyone who has personally become acquainted with my daughter knows that she has a lot to say. So every other Friday I’m going to share some of the funny things she says.

In a cab to two ladies in their early thirties: “Hi! I’m CydneyAriah (that’s how she says Cydney Moriah)! So, we getting into a pool today or what?

Waiting at a taxi stand and an obese lady leaves: “Where’d the elephant go?”

While entertaining a group of people at said taxi stand by jumping off of a step and running back and forth: “Let’s watch me do it again! Ready?!”

With a piece of paper and crayon in hand: “My diagnosis!”

Me: Cydney, come here.
Cydney: I’m afraid of heights.

Me: Cydney, stop standing in the tub.
Cydney: I’m too little!

Out of nowhere: *Cydney claps* “Go daddy’s butt! I’m so proud of you, daddy’s butt!”

“Daddy, walk like a lady.”

While laughing: “Daddy, you’re hilarious. Now laugh at me.”

After taking a bath: “My gina is clean and healthy.” (Note: I have no idea where this came from. Cydney is two and a half and is neck deep in the anal phase where she has an obsession with butts)

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