My Sick Day

When you do a lot on very little sleep, eventually you will crash. Your body will say “Chill,” overheat, and shut everything down. That’s how I felt yesterday morning when I woke up. I was achy all over and feeling out of it. My nephew was having some stomach issues so he didn’t make it […]

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Blue Bear

Growing up, everyone had that one item that was our comfort.  That doll or blanket that we cared for like they were actual people; but in reality it took care of us.  They gave us security and were our friends.  If you say that you didn’t you’re lying.  My mother had a doll Julie, and […]

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Tre was my best friend in high school. We met when I moved out to Long Island from Queens during my first week of school playing JV football. Tre got benched during the first game of the season for something that wasn’t his fault; but I just started talking shit to him while he was […]

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